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01. Forever By Martin Nievera Ft.Regine Velasquez
02. Forevermore By Side A
03. When you Believe By Mariah Carey Ft.Whitney Houston
04. Tamis ng unang halik B Juris
05. My all By Mariah Carey
06. All by myself By celine Dion
07. Thank You for loving me By Bon Jovi
08. Please forgive me By Bryan Adams
09. Where does my heart beat now By Celine Dion
10. Because you love me By Celine Dion
11. I love you By Celine Dion
12. Only me and you By Donna Cruz
13. Di lang ikaw By Juris
14. Because of you By kelly Clarkson
15. Parting Time
16. Thinking of you By Katty Perry
17. Keep on loving you By Reo Speedwagon
18. I love you, Goodby By Celine Dion
19. Hero By Mariah Carey
20. Ikaw lang at ako By Donna Cruz
21. Immortality By Celine Dion
22. You are not alone By Michael Jackson
23. My heart will go on By Celine Dion
24. It's all coming Back to me now By Celine Dion
25. Wish By Donna Cruz
26. That's The way it is By Celine Dion